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Project Description


Greatheart Consulting


Greatheart Consulting develops and measures inclusive leadership behaviors to ensure that they are holistically integrated into the organization’s culture.

I was asked to design the logo for Courage Counts by Greatheart Consulting. Courage Counts is a free livestream on inclusive leadership for everyone who wants to lead more inclusively, in any role.

Greatheart CEO Chuck Shelton, forty years into inclusive leadership work, hosts an interactive show that equips people to hold conversations they don’t know how to have. 

The design is a wordmark logo, available in various colors to accommodate for various uses. It is composed of a sleek sans serif font and features a chat/speech bubble that is integrated into the wordmark via the letter A. The stylistic element of the crossbar in the letter A serves doubly as a means of incorporating an icon of a person, while flowing seamlessly into the speech bubble.

The orange color is among Greatheart Consulting's brand colors, known as Orbital Orange. The goal was to use the brightest and boldest color in their primary and/or secondary palette, while maintaining a close resemblance to the sun, or a sunrise. In doing so - it emphasizes the idea of a new beginning or a fresh start, which resonates with the goal of the overall program.

Graphic Designer

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