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Nusrat Atika & Zarin Khan / ESL Course Instructors



Project Description



Nusrat and Zarin are Bangladeshi American students from the University of Michigan who teach an ESL course to Bangladeshi women in the Metro Detroit area. Their goal is to help the women in their community improve on their English speaking and writing skills. They hold classes during the summer, where they teach a variety of lessons to the Bangladeshi women including prepositions, verbs, sentence structure, and more.

The young ladies teaching this ESL course started off with materials that were printed on copy paper and stapled together. They decided it was time to create an official workbook for their students; something that could last longer and be a reference for the students after their course was complete. With the funding provided by the University of Michigan, they took it upon themselves to find a graphic designer for the booklet, as well as an illustrator for the cover design. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work on both the cover illustration, and the overall layout design. Eventually, upon a mutual agreement, it was decided that including visuals for each lesson would be a great visual aid for their students. Consequently, I designed the illustrations that appear throughout the booklet as well.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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