A Senior Studio class project called for creating anything we desired, and something that pushed our boundaries and challenged our abilities. It took me several weeks to decide on a final output of my works, stuck on whether I'd be creating a calendar or book or posters - all canvases for the final product - but the medium would ultimately be the same: illustration. I'd known for sure that I wanted to focus on illustration, and specifically to practice and improve my skills in vector based illustrations. It appears to be my strongest area after all, and by far my favorite of all the different ways I've experimented with design.

Poster 2.jpg

Throughout a frame of 2 weeks, I intended to create as many posters as time had permitted for me. The biggest challenge for me was to consistently create quality content. I realized that in the past, I had a habit of procrastinating, slacking, or whatever else may describe a lack of motivation. Whether it was a painting or a digital work, at some point I'd feel tired of working on the same thing, and would have just one end goal: get it done. Sometimes it affects the quality of my work, or it becomes apparent how little effort was being put into the work the longer I had to work on it.

For this project, I can say I definitely challenged myself and exceeded my own expectations. I managed to create a total of 10 awesome posters within 2 weeks. I'm proud of how every one of these posters turned out, and I hope that this will open opportunities for me to design similar posters for shops, restaurants, or more.

Poster 8.jpg
Poster 3.jpg
Poster 1.jpg
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