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Project Description

My Senior Studio professor assigned what he called the "Primer Project" to our Fall 2020 class. The Primer Project was a work of creative output for which parameters were defined by the students themselves. The purpose was to exercises our independent, creative voice and demonstrate our strengths or push our boundaries. In other words, we were required to create something that expressed our individuality, area of interests, creative approach and/or perspective. There were no requirements for the medium or method.

My approach was to use vector-based illustrations to create a series of as many food posters as I could produce within the two-week timeframe that I had. Aside from it being a graded assignment, the idea for the project itself was a self-imposed challenge. I wanted to push my abilities in both vector illustration, and in producing multiple designs within the given timeframe.

Poster 2.jpg
Poster 8.jpg
Poster 3.jpg
Poster 1.jpg
Poster 9.jpg
Poster 5.jpg
Poster 7.jpg
Poster 6.jpg
Poster 10.jpg
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