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2021 - 2022





Project Description


Greatheart Consulting

Inclusive Leadership Strategy / Consulting

Greatheart Consulting develops and measures inclusive leadership behaviors to ensure that they are holistically integrated into the organization’s culture.

I was asked to design some icons as well as illustrations that were to be used across the Greatheart Consulting website as well as digital and print media, for their workshops. There were several different documents and many “clusters” or sets of graphics were designed. These are some of the sets of illustrations or icons that I’ve developed for the company.


All learning content on this page is the sole property of Greatheart Consulting and is not to be reproduced without their explicit permission.

Project 1



Everyone Can Be An Equipper 

Equip Colleagues to Progress

The task was to create small and simple, but efficient illustrations that represents the idea that everyone can play an important role as an equipper in the workplace, and there are different types of equippers. I stuck to a color scheme consistent with the brand colors, and used them to my advantage. I created a fun character for each equipper type and gave them matching green clothes. Then I used the brand purple to represent each idea in a simple icon that each character interacts with.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 3.24.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 3.23.59 PM.png
Project 2


Listen to Build Trust

Key Characteristics of Listening

The task was to redesign an existing demonstrative to emphasize the key characteristics of listening. The graphic features three main steps: receiving, interpreting, and responding in the process of communication that works in a cycle. As per usual, the redesign uses colors that are more consistent with the brand. The overall demonstrative redesign is more visually engaging with the use of illustration and icons to convey each part of the process.
Below is the original graphic.

Listen To Build Trust Overview.jpg
Our Own Individual Filters.jpg
Project 3


Key Experiences & Practices

The task was to create icons that represent the key experiences and practices that shape leadership ability. I started off with the first or second icon, then established my approach, which was to generally fit the icons into an enclosed circle, and use simple lines or outlines to further develop the icons. I made sure that line weight/thickness was the same throughout all icons to maintain consistency. Overall each icon is composed of similar abstract, yet simple shapes that communicate in their own unique way.

Key Experiences.jpg
Project 4


Equality, Equity, Inequality, Liberation

The task was to create a total of four illustrations that depict equality, equity, inequality, and liberation, or commonly known as justice. Most people have seen a variation of this set of illustrations, whether it be in a work or school environment. The general idea is to convey that people are different, and sometimes it's necessary to cater to them in different ways in order for them to achieve the same results. In this particular set, there is an adult man, a small boy, and a handicapped woman who are all trying to watch a soccer game from behind a tall wooden fence. Each person is given crates to help view the game from above the fence, but it doesn't always work for everyone. So ultimately, in the end, in the illustration that shows liberation, the tall wooden fence has been replaced with a short wire fence, which allows all three soccer fans to enjoy watching without any barriers or obstacles. 

Project 5


Seek & Give Feedback Courageously

The task was to create a straightforward illustration in which two coworkers seek feedback from each other and likewise, provide feedback courageously to each other in the office/workplace. 



Optimal Distinctiveness

The task was to create an illustration that depicts a spectrum, from an unfamiliar setting to a familiar one. The overall setting of the illustration is in a coffee shop, but depicts one person in different parts of the spectrum.
From left to right, the illustration starts off very dull and faded. It first portrays the individual's discomfort, and urge to stay subtle and unnoticed in a rather unfamiliar setting. The person is hiding in a hoodie, quietly drinking coffee and avoiding attention, all while thinking about how out-of-place it feels to be there.
In the far right, the (same) person is a regular customer who feels comfortable and doesn't mind standing out. The body language indicates confidence. Likewise, this side of the illustration is much more saturated, bright, and vibrant.
In the middle of the spectrum, the person represents most people, in that people will go between these ends of the spectrum depending on context.


Optimal Distinctiveness.jpg
Project 6

All learning content on this page is the sole property of Greatheart Consulting and is not to be reproduced without their explicit permission.

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