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Project Description

The author of this short novel asked me to design a couple of vector illustrations that he had conceptualized for his book cover design. Based on his sketches, I vectorized a coin as well as a metallic robot figure via Adobe Illustrator. During the process of creating the vectorized version of the robot figure, there were certain specifications of the robot design that the author later detailed that weren't translated into my original vector design. As a result, another individual/designer had made the necessary tweaks to the design, with my illustration as the base. In this, the design of the robot turned out to be more of a collaborative effort. After bringing his pencil sketches to life (on the screen), he gave me the opportunity to design the complete book cover. He wasn't very particular about the cover design, but ultimately wanted to show the robot, the coins, and perhaps the US map. The final design takes a minimal approach with relatively limited visual elements. It features a robot with a sharpened sword for an arm, tearing through a barrier, which takes the shape of the US. It serves to portray the metaphorical and visual aspect of the robot's presence in the novel. The custom typography in the title design serves to allude to the theme of destruction in the novel, and visually emulates the coins and precious metals that take significance in the overall story.


Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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