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It seems like no one truly understands

the real plague that's always been in our lands.

It seems like sometimes people are so blind

to the illness that has always plagued mankind.

I've been unable to put my thoughts into words

but everything that's going on is just so absurd.

I've been trying to process a way to explain

the way my mind is swirling in a circle of pain.

My heart is hurting for those who suffer

and I swear these times couldn't be tougher.

They don't deserve this hatred and violence

and we will not forget them or sit in silence.

Black boys, Black girls, Black husbands, Black wives,

Black men, Black women, Black people, Black lives;

They matter. Why is that so hard to understand?

Why is the world ignoring the matter at hand?

Why do we allow our communities to be racist?

Why can't our people see the problem and face it?

Acknowledge your privilege and admit that your faces

have protected you many times from hate in many places.

How many times have you spoken up and been loud

when your parents were being racist and proud?

The world is full of enough pain and sadness,

it doesn't need a wave of anti-Blackness.

We have to recognize our privilege and accept the fact

that we don't deal with hate like we would if we were Black.

White people are malicious, it takes one little lie

to send a Black man to jail for the rest of his life.

White people are dangerous, they know for a fact

what they can do to a person when they see they are Black.

When white people held guns they called it persistence

but when Black people protest, they call it resistance.

Tear-gassed and shot at, so many lives being harmed,

yet no consequences when those white men were armed.

When people tried being peaceful everyone was quiet

but now they're upset about people having riots.

What did you expect? Black people have been trying

to ask to simply be treated like humans! They're dying!

They've been murdered relentlessly for so many years

and now they're just fed up! They've had it up to here!

It's time we do something so Black lives aren't killed.

Black Lives Matter; always have and always will.

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