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Brown and Proud

I can’t understand why you always seem to frown

I can’t understand why you don’t understand that

you could be a queen under a crown!

You’re perfectly imperfect!

Your reflection is exceptional!

Perceptions of perfection are deceptions. So forget them!

Reflect on your attempt to object your complexion.

Actually, sister, I’m here with an objection!

Don’t forget you’re flawless, one of Allah’s creations

and when he made you, he made you with strong foundations

and when he made you, he made no mess or alterations,

and when he made you, he made you out of love and admiration!

Allah molded you with clay, limb by limb, and made you

perfect in every way, and beautiful within!

He gave you a loving heart, and he made you strong,

habibti you are perfect, and Allah is never wrong!

I’m tired of aunties commenting unconsciously and constantly destroying our self-esteem monstrously!

They try to laugh and turn it into comedy without an ounce of regret, let alone an apology! “You used to be so beautiful! Your skin is so dark now!”

No habibti they’re all wrong, Wallahi you are art now!

“Try some Fair and Lovely,” nah auntie why don’t you change your heart now!

I handled negativity for years, and I finally feel a spark now.

I’m shutting down my old self, cause it’s time to restart now.

We’re taking those stupid standards and tearing them apart now.

At last you learned to love yourself; your skin is glistening, and it’s too bad if aunties don’t wanna bother listening.

Their opinions are belittling; no limit in their whispering!

Their mindset is so sickening, I hope they know He’s witnessing it all.

He’s watching every bit of it, all the times you got made fun of for that little shade of darker skin.

He’s watching, when they comment on the color He painted you with.

He’s watching, when they tease the body that He put you in.

And he’s watching, when they tell you you were better with the lighter skin.

So forget the standards of beauty in these days,

cause those ideas of beauty only deserve dispraise,

and anyway, you’re beautiful in your own way,

people can recognize your beauty even with a low gaze.

So next time an auntie tries to open up her mouth

shut her down, and let her know that you’re brown and proud.

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