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Dear Christchurch Terrorist

Dear Christchurch Terrorist,

I don’t know who you are and I don’t know your name.

I wouldn’t say it if I did, just to keep you from fame.

If there’s anything I know, it’s that frankly, you’re shameless.

So for now I don’t care and to me you’ll be nameless.

You got bullied as a child; they say kids called you fat,

so you got up and killed my people because of that?

Your father had cancer? It was hard where you’re from?

My grandma died from cancer too, but I didn’t kill anyone.

They say your childhood was tough, but that’s only cause you’re white,

cause if Mohammed from 1st grade did it, he’d be a terrorist, right?

They say you were an angel, and no surprise that they’d say that,

but if Mohammed did the same thing, they really wouldn’t play that.

I like how people are trying to make it seem like you were decent,

cause the rest of us think you kill people for no reason.

It’s funny when it’s a white man, they always have an excuse,

but let it be a Brown Muslim and he’s the front page of the news.

You have anger on your mind, and so much hatred in your heart,

so you felt it was necessary to tear my people apart?

And you really thought you’d break us, but the joke is on you,

cause we only got even stronger and we’re proud of it too.

I didn’t lose any family or friends at that time,

and yet I swear it still feels like they were mine.

The Ummah is like a body, when one part feels pain,

the whole body feels pain exactly the same way.

You killed my brothers and sisters; I feel like a part of me was stolen.

You broke my faith in humanity and left me so heart-broken.

But so many people joined together, and helped Muslims through it,

but it makes me sad to know it took a tragedy to do it.

It hurts to think a father took a son and left their home

and went to pray jum’ah, but came back all alone.

It hurts to think a mother sent her child off to pray,

but the child never returned, and she waited half the day.

It pains me inside that you did this in a place so pure,

and it hurts me even more to think hatred has no cure.

It’s sad to think we can’t even pray in peace

in our own house of worship, without ending up deceased.

They say New Zealand was the safest country in the world,

but after what you’ve done, we see it isn’t anymore.

And it’s about time that we all stopped pretending,

cause with something like that, the world really must be ending.

It’s sad to know so many people are just the same,

and the fact others will follow is really such a shame.

Your people stole lands, broke homes and hearts;

your people killed children; teared families apart.

Your people were vile, their actions were unplanned.

Your people took over and called it their own land.

They killed the Indigenous; they killed the Natives,

yet still to this day they want to be the plaintiffs.

Your people destroyed people in almost every country,

yet somehow and some way, we’re the terrorists, aren’t we?

I would say that we’re innocent, but oh yeah that’s right,

there’s no way that could be true, because we are not White.

Crime and hatred will never be a sin

if it’s happening to people with the color of my skin.

Hatred and terror will never be seen

if it’s happening to people who look just like me.

Terror and death will never be shown

if it’s happening to us or the land that we own.

You thought we’d fear you; that we’d be too scared to pray,

but you can shoot 100 masjids, and you’d never keep us away.

You thought you took their lives, but there’s just one little flaw,

you didn’t take anything; you just returned them to Allah.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun

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