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Stapler Icon Process

As simple as this stapler icon looks, a lot of time and effort was put into its process. This icon was created for a Graphic Design class project. The project required creating an icon from an everyday object. Here's all the process work that led up to this design.

The first part of this project was recording visual information about the object we chose; in other words, an analysis. We were to create 50 total visual examples of the object. Our examinations were to be created using 5 different medium. The purpose of this process was to get an advanced visual understanding of the object and how it works.

The 5 medium I used to create the 50 images were vector-based illustration, pencil, ink (pen), photography, and a combination of photography & marker (not included here). I recorded the stapler in as many angles and/or sides as possible, being sure to include the cracks and crevices and all other details.

Ultimately, the main idea was to capture the icon in the most efficient way possible, while communicating its sleek and compact design that allows for it to be held comfortably and conveniently. Additionally, I created the overall design to ensure that there was emphasis on the two main parts of the stapler, the part that staples, and the part that removes staples. This emphasis is apparent in the way that these areas are simply outlined and filled with white / negative space. The rest of the icon is filled with black. This also allows for the differentiation in the two materials that the stapler is made of; black being the main plastic part, and the white being the silver metal part. There are the slightest bits of spaces between the different curves on the stapler, varying in thickness to visually communicate the depth.

Overall, this icon communicates the unique shape of the compact stapler in a simple way, while maintaining depth and emphasizing the main function.

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