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"Shonar Bangla" is a popular phrase used by Bangladeshis meaning "Golden Bangla", originating from the title "Amar Shonar Bangla (My Golden Bangla)," which was a song, later used as the Bangladeshi national anthem. 

The concept of this design is something I'd thought of creating years ago, but my original intention was to create a painting. It was sort of a sketch that remained dormant in a book that I'd long forgotten about, until one day I revisited the old sketchbook and realized I absolutely had to execute it in one way or another. However, by that time I realized I had enough knowledge and skills in Illustrator for me to create it digitally. 

When I created this design, I wanted to create something that showed my love and appreciation for my culture and background. I am a Bengali American Muslim; I was born and raised in America, so I really wanted to create a piece dedicated to my homeland. The design consists of a variety of beauties and treasures from Bangladesh, including national fruits, flowers, and monuments. Though it is merely a glimpse at the many different things that make Bangladesh special, I simply collaged all the different things I could think of in the moment. One might even say these particular components were in some way and somehow bits and pieces from my own experiences.

I created this for every Bangladeshi that has a special place in their heart for their homeland, and I hope this is the kind of work that my people would want to hang in their homes for years to come.

Large Shonar Bangla.png

water lilies

(national flower)


(national fruit)


(national fish)


(national sport)


(popular mode of transportation)

tea leaves

(largely grown)

Shaheed Minar

(national monument)

Bangladesh flag

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