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Project Description

This project was a collaborative book. It involved researching, visiting, and writing about murals in Detroit. Students in my Typography course each created publications to showcase different murals in the city of Detroit. Each of us were responsible for including a piece of writing, whether it be in the form of an essay, story, message, commentary, or anything of our choice, pertaining to the mural. We then compiled each of the students' writings and photo documentation to create a publication (individually). In essence, the data compilation was a collaborative effort and the book design was an individual effort.
Other requirements for the project included a 25-page minimum, a table of contents, page numbers, and students were required to use all written material from other classmates. There were no specifications for the dimensions or the binding method, but students had to use a grid for the spreads. Finally, it was required that students designed a front and back cover and used at least 1 image of each mural.

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